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Our Work

The Portal Heritage Society, Inc works year-round to make sure that the heritage of Portal, GA stays in tack. The following are a list of locations, that we consistently work on. 

Dr Stewart House.jpg


This house belonged to Portal's first doctor, Dr. James Stewart.  Dr. Stewart open his practice her in Portal, GA in 1909.  Shortly afterwards, he built the Portal Drug Store.


This drugstore served  as the office and pharmacy of Dr. J. A. Stewart. The store also housed a soda fountain. It was built in 1907 and operated until about 1950.

Portal Drugstore.png
Turpentine Still.jpeg


The Carter Turpentine Stills was established in 1930 by F. N. Carter Sr.  The Portal Heritage Society still operates the still every year during their annual Turpentine Festival.  The festival is usually held the first Saturday in October.


Heritage House

The Heritage House sits on the location of the Turpentine Still and houses many historical and ancient artifacts.  This location can be rented by local and surrounding residents for events.

Heritage House_edited.jpg
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